Patrick McIntire

has a diverse background in creative media, code development, and even film production and major motion pictures. These experiences come together as one and he offers it to all his employers.

About Patrick

Patrick McIntire was introduced to creative media as a teen. When his parents needed fresh display ads created for their home improvement and realty company, Patrick perused periodicals and design books at Barnes and Noble and realized: this Aldus PageMaker program shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

After several years of learning desktop publishing, digital printing, and process color by working through high school for a local screenprinting company, Patrick saw the eventual reality that many DTP processes would be transposed into the online realm of the world wide web. Encouraged by his hobby use of applications like Macromedia Flash and Adobe After Effects, he decided that engaging a new substrate wouldn't be impossible and challenged himself to learn the new systems present in web-specific applications like Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Eventually needing better resources for interactivity on the web, HTML led him into discovering programming languages like Javascript, Perl, and PHP, with which he became proficient.

After many technical skills were procured at a low-level, Patrick started to realize that he had a knack for marketing as well. After creating websites for friends and family, he chose to simultaneously embark into developing WWWs for local business while entering college courses with a focus in marketing, psychology and business. His interest was to bridge the gap between his technical and creative interests and potentially open the door for a future in working in either realm.

Patrick landed a role with regional online apparel e-tailer Working Person's Store, and quickly progressed to the roles of Creative Director, Lead Developer and Project Manager for Working Person's sister company, e-commerce incubator AVID Commerce. It was here, working with countless e-commerce clients, that he learned the ins and outs of online business development and management, how to lead a team, and when to cut through the crap to help a business focus on their true objective: revenue.

AVID Commerce rode the rapids of the 2009 economic crash, but operationally existed for very little time after. Patrick once again went out on his own searching for both emerging and established business models that needed support in effectively bringing their products to the web. By day, he supports clients via his e-commerce development firm Exhibit A Digital. By night, he persists in being a serial web entrepreneur, searching for the next big thing online, or off.

About Myst... (He gets asked this a lot.)

Aside from his roots in desktop publishing, Patrick has also been involved in creative pursuits since childhood. Encouraged early to develop his natural skills in creative writing, his interests progressed into photography and film when he received his first motion picture camera in 1988 in the form of a Fisher Price PXL-2000. Since that time, Patrick's goal has been to find some way to merge his writing, film interests and aptitude in marketing and design - and narrative film production seemed the best of all worlds.

Since 1994, Patrick's been involved in some form or fashion with the regional filmmaking scene and has even embarked on the writing and production of his own works: Scenarios, Easier to Ignore, For Travis Preston and Scorpio. However, it was his dream to someday develop the popular video game franchise Myst into feature films that eventually led him into working in Hollywood.

A combination of hard work, dedication and most of all - luck - led Patrick and his longtime creative partner Adrian Vanderbosch into a partnership with Myst creator Cyan Worlds and the opportunity of developing, ratifying and selling a motion picture adaptation of the Myst properties to the bright lights and big studios of Hollywood. During this process, Patrick's had the chance to work with legendary producers Hunt Lowry and Mark Johnson of Donnie Darko, The Last of the Mohicans, Rain Man, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Breaking Bad fame, while learning (somewhat) how to navigate the temperamental environment that is Los Angeles.

Patrick was a founding spearhead of the Myst Motion Picture Project and oversaw all aspects of creative film development for Myst while serving as Co-President of Mysteria Film Group from 2003-2010. During that time, Patrick also developed, marketed and contributed to the Myst Motion Picture Production Journal website, exposing the true emotional journey of what it's like to go from a garage in Granger, Indiana to production offices at Warner Bros. in Burbank, California. Eventually, he stepped aside to focus on business and family, as the project had grown far too dramatic.

Patrick continues to be invested in independent film, intends to get behind the camera again sometime soon, and considers Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise / Before Sunset / Before Midnight trilogy as one of his favorite modern sequences of storytelling. He's also not unfamiliar with Myst's present direction as he maintains regular contact with new Myst Movie spearheads.

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