Patrick McIntire

has a varied portfolio ranging from super-customized WordPress blogs to robust e-commerce shopping cart designs, then add in systems integration and logistics. Like what you see? Let Patrick know - he likes that.
The Northwest See Site

Sports-related apparel distributor The Northwest had been in a year-long project deadlock of mating their JDL Inventory and Sales system with Magento when they brought me in to conclude the process. I worked directly with the Warehouse and Inventory managers to devise a series of systems that would automate the process of taking what JDL was exporting and turning it into what Magento could digest. TNW's new Data Portal was fast and accurate, built on a stable, minimal MVC-core, and socketed into the robust Magento API to allow for fast, precise processing and solid reports. The system amended Magento inventory counts, categorization structures, naming conventions and other variables so that Merchandising wouldn't have to try to maintain the TNW website with Excel spreadsheets.


Financial Communications Society See Site

Powered by WordPress and a plethora of both turnkey and custom plugins, the Financial Communications Society web presence offers membership management, recurring billing for dues, national and regional event management and e-commerce with member-based ticket pricing tiers, including discounts for full tables of 10. Expertly shelled by me for responsive mobile display with Bootstrap, FCS continues to prove that organizations now have real options for both point-of-sale and resource management that live completely in the cloud. As an added bonus, FCS management got my custom WordPress plugins that socketed into membership and management systems so they could handle event attendance on-site with any iPad with WiFi.


American Institute of Architects - Chicago See Site

The Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects needed a robust member-specific commerce platform to allow both regional and national members to signup and purchase tickets for local events. I was brought in to finalize the e-commerce systems including cart design and flow, logistics, order processing and management. Built entirely on ExpressionEngine and CartThrob with customized plugins to allow for AIA member-specific pricing tiers, the system is churning along today without hiccups or concerns about PCI-DSS.


Song Hill Winery See Site

Song Hill Winery was a responsive website ready to go, but needed a touch of finesse for its e-commerce systems, including billing management for its auto-recurring Wine Club. Astek brought me in to nominate the solution for WordPress commerce and I empowered the site with a WooCommerce solution with easy-to-manage Stripe-based credit card processing. I also provided all commerce-related training for the wine enthusiasts behind Song Hill so that they would know how to keep their shopping cart up-to-date.


Duale Insurance See Site

Needing an upgraded, responsive web presence, I help Premier Designs take Duale Insurance from a static, hard-to-manage web-sore to a free-flowing, mobile-ready, WordPress-class web-site. Particular attention was given to ensuring that mobile devices would view the site with easy-to-read Goldilocks-size text which wasn't too big, wasn't too small - but just right. Also of particular attention was providing solid, hack-resistant forms that could be submitted to both customers and the provider for insurance claims and other communication.

Premier Designs Online

Northern Title Agency See Site

A prime example of a Photoshop-to-responsive-WordPress project, Northern Title needed a quick update that would bring them into 2014. By developing a fast, custom-responsive WordPress theme specific to their function and design needs, Northern Title suddenly became a "pick of the litter" by being one of the first Cleveland-based insurance agencies that was Google Mobile-friendly.

Premier Designs Online

Corrugated Supplies Company

Much more than a simple Wordpress site, CSC combines solid Bootstrap-based responsive design and CDN-based typography within a simple and manageable template skin that allows for lots of customization and SEO-prominent links.

Premier Designs Online

LunarGlo See Site

As the go-to resource for portable solar lights apt for a variety of applications from deck lighting to portajohns, LunarGlo enjoys a fully responsive web design layout managed by WordPress that allows owners and interest-holders full control over product information and customer feedback. By having the site available, useable and beautiful on any modern smartphone internet browser, LunarGlo staff can easily share their product information at trade shows without relying on antiquated printouts or costly catalog sheets.

Lakeview Baseball Club See Site

Lakeview Baseball Club, a classic Wrigley Field Rooftop, needed some help in getting its responsive website pushed from Photoshop design to working model, and I happily obliged. Using the popular WordPress framework, I shelled the system top-to-bottom, integrated an easy-to-use Calendar core and trained staff on how to connect every Cubs event to an online ticket system so that members could purchase a ticket to baseball memories even from a smartphone. I also assisted with follow-up design to help give the site the shining finish it deserved.

Straight Talk by Ephedra Outlet See Site

Powered by WordPress, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, Straight Talk is a Fully Responsive Desktop / Mobile weight loss blog catering to those dedicated to healthy lifestyles while both at home and on the move. Integrated with Ephedra Outlet Commerce, but isolated on its own, secure Performance Cloud Server, Straight Talk blends high performance with high security - in the way that WordPress was intended (at least by my standards). Sporting full Google+ Structured Data integration and a clean and lean WordPress shell, Straight Talk was 100% Designed, 100% Coded and 100% Launched for serious SEO by me and EO Staff.

Ephedra Outlet Back-Office Automation See Site

Diet pill retailer Ephedra Outlet and I have been working together for over 7 years, and in those years we've seen extreme growth and the hazards that go along with it. After customer support staff finally became fed-up with the manual processing of all orders that didn't show evidence of fraud, I devised a solution inside their back-office to batch process Prior-Auth-Capture and allow the morning pick and pack queue for hundreds of orders to be expedited from 2 hours to 5 minutes. Built as a combination of smart database processing and recursive crontab jobs, the system clears through all pre-authorized orders once inventory is confirmed and spits out gang PDFs for all invoices and packing slips.

CallJimbo See Site

When Cleveland-based IT support firm ICNS was ready to roll out their new consumer service, Call Jimbo, they tapped Premier Designs Online to perfect a minimal e-commerce site that was clean and easy to use. Working with Premier, I helped to shell the mobile reactive site with WordPress for content management and performed all integration of recurring payments with PayPal, including the build of a minimal REST API to handle transaction negotiations with the PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) system. With PayPal IPN, Call Jimbo is able to outsource its payment processing, while still having the ability for membership login inside an extremely secure envelope.

Premier Designs Online

Healthy Answers See Site

As a health news website dedicated to "Boomers" with tips on aging well, Healthy Answers is a proven WordPress-powered article depot with heavy cross-marketing integration and custom developed YouTube video galleries curated for the infotainment of the young at heart. Google Analytics event tracking plays a great role in appraising visitors and helps the site's editorial staff focus on creating targeted content to increase organic website traffic while consistently engaging their regular viewers.

Premier Designs Online

Performance Validation See Site

Needing to give a fresh breath to an existing B2B website, industrial testing and certification company, Performance Validation, opted to work with a partner and me to expand their site for increased SEO-potential and easier updates. We cleaned up old HTML, installed new WordPress-based content management, and introduced a whole new site link infrastructure to better outline PV's massive amount of content and case studies.

JTH Consulting


Built out of the need for several e-commerce pros to vent their frustrations, rants and tips for success, ECOM-SEO is a WordPress-powered, mobile reactive blog ready to digest new content in a moments notice. Integrated with rich media from the top-down, the site also flaunts Google Structured Data, heavy Google+ authorship and publisher synthesis and Analytics event tracking to assess regular readership and overall visitor behavior.

Ephedra Outlet Mobile See Site

The other one-half of a large winter project to benefit diet pill retailer Ephedra Outlet's extreme growth, the EO Mobile website was developed to wrap around their existing commerce core with only minimal tweaks to site content in order to maintain excellent organic rankings. Catering to the growing world of iPhone and Android e-commerce, Ephedra Outlet chose to move away from popular retailer strategy of building a custom app, and instead focused on offering a rich web-based presentation for all of their customers browsing from mobile devices. Powered heavily by jQuery Mobile and sporting an extremely easy to use mobile shopping cart, the site proves that with a little planning and specific vision, anything is possible with existing infrastructure.

Ephedra Outlet Reactive Retrofit See Site

As one-half of a major winter project for diet pill retailer Ephedra Outlet, the site was upgraded with the latest technologies including Google Structured Data, reskinned 90% and placed in a fully reactive shell in order to build out an eventual mobile storefront. Optimization of payload and website load speed was at the top of the priority list, so many assets for EO were pushed into reliable content delivery networks (CDN) with the RackSpace Cloud service. Pages became leaner, cleaner and screaming fast to render on all modern browsers, further pushing the site's goals of increasing its already outstanding 17% conversion rate.

Runners Daily Complete See Site

Marketing daily vitamins specific to runners, SunShop Shopping Cart retailer Runners Daily Complete required assistance in empowering their popular PHP e-commerce platform to transact on product memberships for recurring shipments. By investigating the core systems and needs of the client, I was able to craft a solid PayPal Adaptive Payments solution that passed through the existing cart as a SunShop plug in, bypassing the need to alter any existing code and maintaining the site's ability to receive regular updates.

Premier Designs Online

Vitalmax Vitamins See Site

Private label "Baby Boomer" vitamin shoppe Vitalmax Vitamins offers their customers a trustworthy purchasing experience and a robust variety of health news via e-mail cross-marketing. By again utilizing WooCommerce, I was able to build into their existing WordPress solution and lock the site up to be secure, reliable and scalable, resulting in a 2X revenue growth over 10 months with an added bonus of increased traffic and minimized bounce rates. Integrated with 1ShoppingCart for their ease of use in processing order transactions, the site and its shopping cart at 1SC enjoy creative integration of Google Analytics and true tracking of merchandising campaigns - a triumph considering their limited architecture.

Premier Designs Online

ArtPassions 2.0 See Site

To achieve better data manageability for its tens-of-thousands of art prints, custom art framer ArtPassions received robust updates to their back-office systems including jQuery-powered drag-and-drop interfaces for categorization and intra-office communication tooling. Also in the build was a landing page content tracking system to monitor SEO efforts and their benefits over time. And if someone screws something up? With the click of a button, old content can be restored allowing Google to redigest the site in a matter of hours, and every landing element includes integrated Analytics charting so that at a glance AP can see what's going on with their rankings.

eCredit Builder by InSync Finance See Site

A web application developed by leading finance gurus, top UI designers and myself, the eCredit Builder is to an online service offering Canadian consumers and easy to use, step-by-step guide on how to rebuild their credit the right way. Laden with progress loans, secured credit products and other offerings from InSync Finance, this banking website was fully mobile reactive and built with the latest technologies including integration with the popular DocuSign system for virtual signatures. Sadly, the online product never fully materialized, but InSync continues to work with Canadian customers out of their countless brick and mortar locations.

BooBooKids See Site

Unique injury-defending and anti-allergy children's apparel retailer BooBoo Kids needed a simplistic web shopping cart solution integrated into their pre-existing WordPress platform. By augmenting the site with the popular WooCommerce solution, the small Cleveland-based operation was able to open up online ordering internationally and add dollar signs to their already established revenue stream of gift shop retail and non-profit rotary-like events.

Premier Designs Online

Faultless Casters See Site

When an interactive marketing agency needed help in integrating a CAD model download interface to one of its durable good manufacturing clients, I jumped to the task of working with an established database model and a brand-new API. Utilizing standard ActiveX plug ins, the CAD preview system allows purchasing agents to preview, request, and eventually download standard DXF CAD designs to test within their own product's specifications.

LKF Marketing, Inc.

America's Nutrition Retrofit See Site

Building on a previous design, this visual upgrade to the vitamin, weight loss and supplements retailer America's Nutrition reinvigorates an already successful web commerce model with a modern look and a sleek appeal. In addition to its front-facing updates were expansions to its coupon and promotions system, overall payload and stability assuredness in modern browsers.

Fig. 1 Films See Site

Inlaid with the Vimeo API inside an Ajax breakout, the Fig. 1 Films portfolio website showcases the company's commercial video work with full-motion HD video inside an intuitive DVD-like interface. Like the skin? It was custom crafted by me from photographic assets obtained from the US Patent Office reflecting the earliest years of motion picture equipment design and development. This website speaks richness and simplicity in its presentation, and as I have heard, its lean payload has yet to crash anyone's browser.

Myst: The Motion Picture Production Journal 2.0 See Site

The Mysteriacs were at it again with this reintroduction of the Myst Motion Picture Production Journal based on an over-charged WordPress installation and the design assets of award winning graphic designers now turned Hollywood filmmakers and Facebook and Twitter Media Directors. The Myst site relaunch culminated the re-invigoration of the Myst Motion Picture Project after it had jumped from its underdog roots into development offices at Warner Bros. Many creative media types internationally are familiar with the Myst brand and this site celebrated its adapation into a motion picture by connecting hundreds-of-thousands of fans to discusss, speculate and communicate with the spear-heads of the endeavour. Want more info on my involvement with Myst? Check here.

Mysteria Film Group, LLC

Ephedra Outlet See Site

Tested, tested and tested again, diet pill retailer Ephedra Outlet is a powerhouse of online commerce and shopping cart conversion. Inundated with years of funnel testing and visitor landing data, the site sports pages that carry a 17% conversion rate supplemented by baseline pages that sell to 1 out of 10. Augmented with RackSpace Cloud content distribution network (CDN) assets, insane levels of campaign and method testing through Google Analytics, and custom multi-variant testing ongoing daily, EO remains as one of my proudest achievements that's operated by a company managed by some of the most fantastic people in existence.

America's Nutrition See Site

Customers were wowed by the visual appeal of the organically-grown America's Nutrition e-commerce website. As a motif meant to inspire a sense of wholeness and trust, AN's deep roots under the grass were further powered by a robust product search refinement system, integrated video, advanced Google Website Optimizer systems, and a dense merchandising effort to become the customer reviews-based NewEgg of the health and supplements industry.

ArtPassions 1.5 Custom Framing Application See Site

Efficiently powered by jQuery and a strong content distribution network (CDN) at the RackSpace Cloud, ArtPassion's custom framing application upgrades were a doozy to develop but a blast to see in action. Integrating with a robust server-side matrix of applications designed from the ground up to serve choices for custom art framing, the system adapts to and caches millions of possible combinations and stores them for dissemination through the social media sphere. Have questions on your layout? Click the help button and connect with an ArtPassions customer service rep who can see your design in progress and advise on any tweaks to make it the perfect companion to your piece of art.

AVID Commerce 3.0 See Site

This site proved to be my last with AVID Commerce, but came out strong through a bang instead of a whimper. 48-hours from concept to completion, the website served as a strategic information depot demonstrating the power and simplicity of AVID Commerce methods and was used for promotion in a seasonal Internet Retailer expo. Along with the website, the hang glider motif was utilized in a flurry of other marketing materials, ensuring that AVID's last messages to the world would be concise, bold and unified.

AVID Commerce

Working Person's Store

By working in project management with AVID Commerce, I was naturally involved with the evolution of its sister company: work apparel retailer Working Person's Store. Over a number of years, I designed landing pages and new skins for the website, worked in conceptual development for B2C, B2B and GSA marketing and merchandising endeavors, and served as secondary support for Working Person's IT needs, including the administration and design of networking, ERP and databasing systems. Being a member of junior executive staff for this Inc 500 and Internet Retailer star was a great experience, and showed me the ropes of the e-commerce model while teaching me how to be an effective team leader.

AVID Commerce

J.L. Powell Cyclical Aesthetics See Site

Continually updating their aesthetic with each catalog release, I maintained my position as fine clothier J.L. Powell's e-commerce site manager well into 2010. While applying new photography and merchandising display material was a common chore on a quarterly basis, JLP also benefited from solid Google Analytics review as we adapted the site to give all visiting customers the chance to shop with the greatest of ease.

AVID Commerce

Great Lakes Skipper See Site

Further venturing into the world of multi-channel commerce and integration with both Ebay and Amazon, Great Lakes Skipper was a dream of third-party services integrated with the AVID Commerce flavor of the osCommerce shopping cart core and augmented with powerful EDI import/export capabilities. Over a period of several months, GLS was infused with a strong combination of back-office sales and auction listings management and front-end commerce tooling to best present its tens-of-thousands of closeout SKUs meant for both the marine and recreational vehicle industry as well as end-consumers.

AVID Commerce

Working Person's Store SAW Promotion

Tapped to help with the B2C marketing and promotions for work apparel retailer Working Person's Store, I devised the primary systems and design that drove the Carolina Boots Search for the American Worker promotion for four years running. The promotion was simple: workers throughout North America would submit short video essays to the website which would be encoded for display and voted on by regular visitors. If your video essay about why you were the hardest worker was voted the best, you won cash and prizes.

AVID Commerce


As a chance to engage cycling sports once more, MotoDirect was developed as a lean conversion machine of moto-cross safety gear and accessories, and served as a second point-of-sale for an otherwise solid Ebay retailer. Add in custom integration with the Channel Advisor multi-channel sales service and the site's ability to publish content both locally to the shopping cart catalog and Ebay with one click, and you have a strong contender of multi-channel sales from the ground up. MotoDirect went on to become a case study in managing multi-channel e-commerce and its systems were adapted for a number of other clients.

AVID Commerce

The Bathtub Store

The Bathtub Store paired with me after an exhaustive search for an e-commerce solution that was adept to manage their higher-ticket, white glove sales and service of imported Asian steam showers and claw foot slipper tubs. With a touch of elegance atop a powerful customized osCommerce shopping cart core, The Bathtub Store remains one of the prettiest sites I've ever put together and a strong example of how solid content and organized SEO can benefit a brand that's come out of nowhere.

AVID Commerce

Gazelle Sports See Site

After proving the team and myself in the sports market via Greenfish Adventure Sports, central-Michigan running and fitness retailer, Gazelle Sports, reached out for a solution to their e-commerce challenges as they were contending with major growth. Along with availing them with the super-powered AVID Commerce flavor of osCommerce, Gazelle also received a heavily integrated, commerce-infused WordPress blog system to further promote their efforts in the community and social media while allowing for lucrative cross-sales.

AVID Commerce

Foamiture See Site

An outgrowth of custom boat seating manfuactuer Veada, Foamiture targeted the tween and college market with durable foam seating perfectly suited for rec-rooms, dorms, churches and medical facilities. The team and I furiously marketed the product in hand with Foamiture and offered the same product previsualization technology, "SeeIt", that Veada had grown accustomed to. The culmination of my efforts led to Foamiture products being utilized in the concert set design of Taylor Swift's 2009 Fearless Tour, including a television broadcast of the 2009 Country Music Awards, which further pushed Veada into the pre-teen market and generated a surge of sales.

AVID Commerce

For Travis Preston

As one of my recurring submergences into the world of independent film, For Travis Preston, was a promotion site for a short film that I wrote, produced and directed. The site served to keep cast and crew members up to date from the process of pre-production through post, and was powered by WordPress for stability. As a landing-page info depot for the variety of cross-country Screen Actors Guild (SAG) talent that I had recruited for the production, FTP proved invaluable for communication as e-mail and telephone were not always the best way to reach everyone with hectic Los Angeles schedules. Integration of the Flickr API allowed the site to promote professionally procured production photography and furthered the site's potential in garnering multiple five-figure endowments in the form of completion funds by interested film investors.

Conception Kit See Site

Designed for a demographic that was very new to me, Conception Kit offered a product that aided in the conception process for couples who had faced past fertility challenges. As the product was FDA-approved, required a prescription, and was covered by many insurances, strict guidelines were applied to the presentation and content that surrounded any promotion of the product. Regardless of these limitations, the site integrated solid merchandising, a wealth of health-related information and integrated secure commerce elements that protected identity and purchaser information.

AVID Commerce

ArtPassions 1.5 See Site

Both wholesale and direct-to-consumer custom framed art purveyor ArtPassions proved to be a readied challenged with its requirement of full-spectrum technologies that allowed visitors to previsualize their custom art framing options. A blend of rich merchandising and custom user-interface construction powered the ArtPassions front end, while server side image generation scripts pieced together photographic assets of moldings and mattes to present a WYSIWYG facsimile of what they were about to "Buy Now!"

Greenfish Adventure Sports

Up-state New York cycling and moto-cross retailer, Greenfish Adventure Sports needed a commerce presence that was sleek and spoke to a range of demographics. By using stellar photography and big-brand technique, the new commerce portal exceeded their dated Yahoo! Store revenue within weeks of launch. Of particular excitement was the opportunity to work with the GFS creative team, as they let me have free rein over modernizing their corporate assets and bringing them into a new decade online and beyond.

AVID Commmerce

Veada See Site

In attempt to spice up the world of custom boat seating, I worked with New Paris, Indiana manufacturer Veada to develop additional marketing strategies and design that could entice the consumer's choice to go with them over the competition. The "SeeIt" technology was particularly helpful in helping them break into B2C and enabled wandering visitors to previsualize their new seating design by simply clicking some buttons, all the while the site maintained core commerce security and function.

AVID Commerce

Myst: The Motion Picture Production Journal See Site

This supercharged WordPress blog introduced thousands of fans to the grassroots motion picture project based on the popular Myst series of video games. Integrated rich media, a variety of interactive Flash-based puzzles, and a vibrant community of commenters helped push the Myst Motion Picture Project out of the fuddled heads of Midwestern independent filmmakers, and into the bright lights of Hollywood. Want more on my involvement with Myst? Check here.

Shoe Metro

Closeout footwear guru Shoe Metro came to me searching for a way to evade Ebay's exorbitant auction fees by launching a B2C e-tail site of its own. After deep analysis of Shoe Metro's model, I posited the creation of an e-commerce site based on the principle of reverse auction - where product gets more expensive as fewer lots become available. Managing all aspects of both developing the software behind the model and creating all visuals to market the model, Shoe Metro saw accelerated growth in its unique selling proposition and went on to become a standing property in a portfolio of other international e-commerce assets.

AVID Commerce

CP Industries See Site

South Bend, Indiana-based automotive tooling manufacturer, CP Industries, responded to TechniArtist Media's encouragement that they too could have an easily updateable modern website without the hassles of learning new software or hiring new support staff. We maintained elements of their 15-year-plus branding while taking new source photography to present a fresher look on the web to entice both their domestic and international B2B customer base.

J.L. Powell Winter 2007 See Site

J.L. Powell proved challenging as they continued to unify their branding with each catalog release much like big-specialty retail should. With each catalog came a new style with a new finish and it was my job to not only conceptualize JLP's new attitude on the web, but man-handle it into its best form possible. Updates were applied to not only the front-facing of the site, but all internal pieces - including shopping cart, e-mailed receipt and printed packing slip assets. All the while, I was maintaining and training their telephone customer service staff to abide by the strictest PCI Compliance in their processes.

AVID Commerce

J. L. Powell Fall 2006 See Site

J.L. Powell is a fine clothier, originally established in Three Oaks, Michigan, and I had the pleasure of managing and designing their inaugural enterprise-class website shopping cart solution. Offering their imported works at premium prices, the site needed to convey trust and the J.L. Powell story above all else, while simultaneously maintaining security and reliability of capturing well over 7-figures per annum.

AVID Commerce

Sweep Dreams

In midst of of the late-2000s pseudo-yuppie crisis of not having enough time to clean regardless of maintaining a multi-partner household, Sweep Dreams was created by a friend to offer trusted, bonded home cleaning and laundry care for the region. When she needed a full corporate identity, business cards, a micro-website, and fliers I jumped on the chance to do something fun. Then she cleaned my house, for free. And everything smelled like peppermint.

Country Mini-Doodles

During the Mini Golden Doodle breeding craze of the late 2000s, a pair of creative breeders in Central Indiana started offering full-service breeding and transportation to homes nationwide that wanted the furry pups. Many a dog for many a family members were obtained in exchange for this site, and they continue to make me itch to this day. CMD helped see this breeder pair gain 5x+ revenue growth over an 18-month period.

Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones See Site

Even though I had taken full time employment, my father taught me to never trust the man - so I continued freelancing on the side in order to network over getting cash. CIEF was a semi-non-profit linguistics association run out of the University of Notre Dame that needed a secure, controllable platform by which to accept yearly membership payments internationally. Putting to the grind all I was learning in e-commerce, I crafted this site in an unfamiliar language (French) all the while delivering a solid user experience that still stands to this day.

AVID Commerce 2.0 See Site

Ah, my introduction into enterprise e-commerce and being a team-leader. AVID Commerce was an e-commerce incubator transforming mom-and-pop retail into powerhouse e-tail by following the rules of the game established with brands like Working Person's Store and Furniture Find. I built this site in 4 hours over a Wednesday afternoon, crafting all content and prepping for visitorship that was going to be sourced from a panel at the Internet Retailer expo in Chicago. It's ugly, but it proves I can play ball.

AVID Commerce

TechniArtist Media 8 See Site

Simultaneously nursing of concept and unapologetically aloof, TechniArtist Media served as my corporate umbrella for nearly a decade before I retired the name because no one could pronounce it. Developed in a time when warm colors and stark contrasts were hot on the coasts, TA 8 brought sparkiness to South Bend, IN and encouraged many local web design firms to offer me employment so they would not have to contend with me as competition. Eventually, TechniArtist Media was transformed into dust in the wind, but still loads today just to prove that a near-decade old site endures and renders accurately in all modern browsers.

SecurAll Doors See Site

While many Midwestern manufacturers were still caught in the doldrums of old-school marketing and 90s-style websites, SecurAll pushed ahead with a snappy, simplistic site geared to apply big-brand appeal to family-brand product. Inspired by the likes of Delta and Kohler sites of the time, SecurAll Doors offered popping photography and a strong characterization of their product. Unfortunately, a regime change a year later pushed them back into 1999 and they've stayed there ever since.

TechniArtist Postcard Landing

A super simple microsite was needed to unify the latest TechniArtist Media marketing campaign targeted to regional enterprises and small business. Conceived as a top-down view of how simple managing a website could be (with the right help), the site served to inform, engage and reassure potential clients that they weren't going to get in over their heads, or blow things up with their computers.

Caregiver Research Study

Researcher Lisa Stinson needed a dynamic survey platform to gather results from participants across a wide demographic and limited familiarity with computers. So, working with a collaborator, we built up a clean and simple interface, a strong answer validation solution, and a browser-independent cross-platform results archive system. This was not your run-of-the-mill e-mail form.

Robbie McCown Photography & Design

Mid-America Filmmakers See Site

Take a blog system, a calendar app, and a message board - blend them together into an awesome design - and you'll get MAF's first proposed online presence after they passed through 501(c)3 non-profit status. Ready for hundreds of filmmaker users that called "mid-america" their home, the site was to serve out news, goings-on and calls for actors and crews through Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. Why they never actually used the platform is all political, and still beyond me.

TechniArtist Media 7 See Site

Flash, frames and funny HTML brought this behemoth into existence for my old corporate umbrella, TechniArtist Media. It's up still and works just as good - so feel free to take a look - but upon first appearance it proved far too taxing for a world not yet infiltrated with broadband. Dual ISDN for the win (in my office). I should have done more speed testing. People didn't speed test back then. Okay, I didn't speed test back then. Much.

Polytron Corporation 2.0 See Site

Ready to foray into the world of e-commerce, electronics manufacturer Polytron Corporation hit me up again to upgrade their old website with the latest tools and design. A formal plan was in action for quite a while as we pushed PTC to Web 2.0, but eventually they chose to go another direction, with other developers, and I'll stop there.

Kill the Messenger

Filmmaker Tim Richardson's website for his feature, Kill the Messenger, had seen better times. While migrating from one server to another, many things broke and I was called in to help. KTM was back online in less than a day with (once again) working links and a tad cleaner interface - just in time for peaks in traffic generated by the film's festival rotation.

Narnian Outlaw

Positioned during the pre-apocalyptic state of the blogsphere, N-O was heavily reactive before reactive became a term. Ready to adapt to the newest widescreen LCD or the narrowest old tube, N-O kicks back to a day when geeks actually published lists of the CDs they owned online (for some reason). Anyone want to trade this Japanese Liz Phair import for that Ben Lee EP from Australia?

Suburban Outcast Films

Emboldened by its early-2000s hue of orange and blues, SOF was in tune with the times and fully Blogger-powered. While never fully forming, it is still fondly remembered as one of the best looking indie film websites for indie film co-ops that actually had websites - that failed to launch.

Buddha on the Mountain Films

Home to the DV Filmmaker Handbook before a time when everyone had became a smart-phone auteur, independent film production company Buddha on the Mountain was learning the ins and outs of publishing a circa-2000 Blogger-driven weblog website with loads of rich media compressed for 56K modems.

Polytron Corporation See Site

During a time when many companies were swearing off the internet due to the Y2K bug and online security panic, custom electronics manufacturer Polytron Corporation pushed ahead courageously to develop a top-notch web presence with Flash animation and a full product catalog.

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